Do You Nurture Yourself ? Well, you need to!
So I have talked a lot in past blogs about getting motivated to start an exercise program. We have talked about what types of exercise is good for you, what time of day is best to workout. It has always been talk of push yourself harder, do more, get up and get going. While exercise is absolutely a GREAT way to take care of yourself and prove to yourself that your body and how it feels matters, it is not the only thing we need to be strong and healthy. When you have an exercise program that is working for you that can be considered nurturing your physical self. Now what about the rest of you? How about your mind? Your spiritual self? Your heart? Your relationships?

So today I want you to ask yourself.........What area of my life needs the most nurturing today? Now the answer may be different tomorrow. That is ok. But make sure to nurture what needs to be taken care of each day in some way. 

You may ask yourself this question and "sleep" might be the answer. That's your body's way of telling you it needs more rest. If you can't fit in another hour or two of sleep, then try taking a few cat naps during the day. Listen to what your body needs and give it some, even if it is only a little. If you ask the question and your body says support, call a friend or family member and lean on them. They won't mind. They will need some support one day too and you can be there to hold them up then.  

What happens if you ask the question and you don't get an answer? Simple, just approach it from a different direction. At the end of the night ask yourself  "If I had an extra half hour today what would have made me happy to spend it on?" If your answer is "just being still" try a short meditation the next day, just sitting in quiet stillness. If your answer is " I really wish I called so and so" then pick up the phone and call them the next day. 

Think about this..... we ask ourselves every day "What do I want to eat for lunch?" And then we go buy it, make it, or order it. We ask ourselves  what we still need to do to complete our to do list for today. Then we try our best to accomplish it all. So why not ask ourselves "What do I need to do today to nurture myself today?" It does not have to be any grand gesture just something little every day to give your SELF what it needs. Listen to your body. It doesn't lie. When we get in trouble whether it is physical health, emotional turmoil , or mental chaos when we think back our body was giving us warnings, telling us what we needed but we ignore it. Take care of your body it's the only one you've got! Have a great week nurturing yourself!