How do I Get Motivated to Start an Exercise Program?


How do I Get Motivated to Start an Exercise Program?

Starting anything is always difficult, and can seem overwhelming at times. Especially when that something (exercise) is something you do not enjoy, or is something you are not sure how to do. Think back to starting a new school year when you were a kid. Nobody wanted summer to end and school to start. There were new teachers, new expectations, and new work to do. You rose to the occasion and succeeded. It took hard work, determination and discipline. It is the same with an exercise program.

Since we are using school as an analogy here think about this.... you did not start in the 10th grade. You started at the beginning in kindergarten with baby steps. Your brain developed and was able to work smoother, faster, and stronger with practice. Your body works the same way. You have to give it time. It needs time to learn and grow. So the answer to how to get started is " START SMALL".

A quote from Arthur Ashe is perfect here......
Start where you are
Use what you have
Do what you Can
Those words are wisdom at its finest!! Notice that in that wisdom it did not say anywhere to sit on the couch and think about it! So.... if you are up to walking a mile-go do it! If you are not there yet, no biggie, start where you are , with a walk around the block or maybe even just around your house.  If you can manage 25 jumping jacks then do them, but if you can only do 3 that is OK. Start there! It is 3 more than you did yesterday!

Whatever exercise you decide to start with just make sure to start small and be consistent. People say that if you do something for 21 days it becomes a habit. Make exercise a HABIT! Do it for 21 days and see how you feel. 

So for those of you that want to be told what to do and like having directions here ya go.......

Your Plan
1. Pick an activity (walk, dance, swim, bike, lift weights, etc)
2. Set up a time, distance, amount that is doable for you.
3. Do it EVERY day for 21 days.
4. Make it part of your daily routine, just like picking up your coffee is part of your routine.
5. Do not beat yourself up if you don't like doing it. Just suck it up and do it anyway all the while saying a mantra to yourself like "this is good for me" 
6. Ask yourself on Day 22....
               1. How do I feel?
               2. Was it worth it?
               3. Can I do more?
If you answered Better, Yes and Yes you have developed discipline and remember these words
You will never ALWAYS be motivated
You have to LEARN to be DISCIPLINED

People say to me all the time...."Exercise is easier for you because you like to do it". While I do enjoy exercising (I am aware that makes me a freak in most peoples  I still have days where I think, oh boy this workout is gonna be a rough one, I'm tired and not feeling it, maybe I will skip today. But I do it anyway. And I can tell you that I have never regretted any of those workouts. I may have been tired start but I was not tired when I was finished. I have made it part of my daily routine, just like my coffee. I challenge you to make it part of your daily routine too, just like brushing your teeth or drinking your coffee. Good luck, and let me know how it goes!!