The Importance of Balance Training
Along with strength, endurance and flexibility, balance is a very important part of a fitness regime. 
When speaking of balance I am not only referring to static standing yoga poses or standing on one foot. Balance is important while moving around and doing normal activities of daily living as well as while engaged in athletic activities. Some of the benefits of incorporating balance training into your fitness program are listed below.

Increased Body Awareness
Body awareness is the sense of where your body parts are oriented in space

Improved Joint Stability
By practicing balance activities you will strengthen the tissues surrounding the joints enabling them to be more stable.

Improved Reaction Times
While balance training you may wobble and stumble, your body will need to readjust itself quickly to keep from falling. Practicing this gives your body the muscle memory and neural pathways to readjust when needed during daily activities.

Better Coordination
Balance training requires your body parts to work in unison in a fluid way, translating into easier movement during daily activities.

Improved Posture
Balance training strengthens the muscles of the core as well as the spine, leading to better posture.

So add some Balance Training to your fitness program today.